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How can i change my screen resolution when i go into my display settings it is set to low but i cant change it

I'm on windows xp and don't to much about computers. Any help would be much appreciatedHow can i change my screen resolution when i go into my display settings it is set to low but i cant change it
if xp doesn't allow you to change it is because your graphics adaptor doesn't support deeper resolutions.How can i change my screen resolution when i go into my display settings it is set to low but i cant change it
Just click the slider control and drag it to high side.
The chances are you need to install the drivers for your graphics card. These should be on a CD that came with either the graphics card, if it was bought separately, or on the motherboard driver CD if you have on-board graphics.

If you don't have the CD, you'll need to click on Start (bottom left of your screen, if you're using Windows XP) %26gt; Control Panel %26gt; System %26gt; Select the Hardware tab %26gt; Click on Device Manager %26gt; scroll down to Display Adapters. Here it will tell you what graphics card you have present.

If you have on-board graphics, you'll need to go to the manufacturer of your motherboard and download the drivers from there.
before you change your desktop resolution make sure you have the graphics card drivers installed and you are using the up to date drivers

then go to start%26gt;control panel%26gt;display properties%26gt;settings%26gt;then use the resolution bar to change the screen resolution,if your monitor is only a 15inch you can normally only go up to 1024x768,a 17inch monitor can go up to 1280x1024 and most others can normally reach their max resolutions

also you want to check your colour quality,16 or 32bit is the best quality,then also check your refresh rate,this is how fast the monitor displays your images ect,again this depends on your monitor size,however windows wont let you set your desktop to a refresh rate that it wont support

for example a 17'; crt monitor has a max refresh rate of 85hz,and a 17'; tft has a max refresh rate of 75hz,but check your monitors manual or website for refresh rates as setting it too high can damage the monitor and too low can strain your eyes

good luck mate
If none of the above works, it may be your video card is not up to the settings you are trying to achieve.
when you are in display settings just move slider bar over to higher settings . this will decrease when u slide it right and increase when you move it left, example text size
Assuming that you cannot change the slider position in display properties, (after right clicking on empty area of the desktop and clicking properties then settings): Go to start, control panel, system, hardware, device manager. Left click the plus sign next to display adapters. Right click on the adapter underneath it and left click on uninstall. Restart your computer. Allow reinstallation of hardware. Restart again. See if you can now change the display settings (steps given at beginning of my answer).
James has it right
richt click on your desktop, click properties

click the settings tab

change to the resolution you want.
You can't slide the 'slider', but have you tried clicking the scale at the highest end to move it?
Left click your mouse on the desktop, scroll down to properties... click on settings... there should be a slide bar for you to manipulate at this point... slide left for less resolution and right for more resolution.

Be gentle with the bar as you might lock your computer up if you rush the process.

Hope this helps!

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