Monday, June 6, 2011

I keep getting a message ';Frequency out of resolution?

I keep getting a message ';Frequency out of resolution. i restart my system and then enable vga mode and change the display settings in properties (desktop), after half an hour again the screem goes blank and displays message as out of frequency, shows some HF and VF values, pls suggest me how to rectify with clear stepsI keep getting a message ';Frequency out of resolution?
Mostly likely this is caused by an unstable refresh rate for your screen size.

Right click on your desktop and click ';properties'; the last tab ';settings'; and you are now looking for ';screen resolution';

You can try making your screen size large (which noone likes to do) or by changing the refresh rate.

At the ';settings'; the button labeled ';advanced'; on the lower right.....there should be a new the 3rd choice ';monitor'; and look for ';screen refresh rate';

I find that 60-75 is stable under most conditions, and 85 being the lucky catch. (there should be a box underneith your choices that says 'hide modes that this monitor cannot display....check that box) pick the highest number available on the list...even if theres only 1

Hopefully this will solve your problem, if not, i would recommend buying a new monitor (dont have to spend a lot, unless you want to go bigger and better)I keep getting a message ';Frequency out of resolution?
The frequency that it is referring to is your refresh rate. If you have a CRT monitor, then use 85Hz refresh rate. If you have an LCD monitor, then use 60Hz. Make sure you use a standard resolution such as 1024x768 or 1280x1024. Don't use a non-standard resolution.

The refresh rate you can change through Control Panel %26gt; Display Settings %26gt; Settings %26gt; Monitor.

If this still doesn't help, then we are looking at a problem with most likely your monitor. Try a different monitor and see if you experience the same problem. If you do, then it could be your video card.

Anytime a monitor detects an unsupported signal or frequency, it will freak out like that.

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