Monday, June 6, 2011

Why is my vista display settings messed up?

I was on the internet and suddenly the system froze and had to restart. When it restarted the black screen came up asking me how i wanted to restart the system and i chose start up windows normally. When it restarted my background, icons, windows that i opened were blow up and the resolution is horrible. How do i change this back to the normal settings. I already tried restarting it and it didn't do anything.Why is my vista display settings messed up?
right click a blank part of desktop screen choose properties and set resolution to highest or at least higher you'll seeWhy is my vista display settings messed up?
OK. either you blind and you hit the safe mode option each time, or its possible you're not crazy. right click on your desktop and hit personalize. then, at the bottom, hit display settings. then change the resolution slider and colors to your desired specs. this is for vista. if this doesn't work, a baseball bat might suffice.
You have to go to Start-Control Panel then click on Apperance and Personalization and then you have choices what to do. Click on what you want then adjust to your own taste. Hope it helps a little bit.
go to control panel and change the screen resolution to something that u are alright with.

happens 2 me all the time

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