Monday, June 6, 2011

How do I set my laptop to display on my TV?

I have an HP Pavillion zv5000 with S-video out put and I have a brand new HDTV it has HDMI as well as S-video inputs, my laptop just has S-video output, I've tried hooking it up before but I haven't been able to display the actual desktop of my laptop on my TV, I know it's possible to do but I don't know how. Do I need to change the settings on the display? Do I have to do something with the video card? It's a Nvidia GeForce4 440 Go 64MB. Any kind of information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all!How do I set my laptop to display on my TV?
Right click on the desktop - go to properties - settings - click on the box with a ';2'; on it (it represents what monitor you want to use) - click the box that says ';extend my windows desktop onto this monitor. Plug your s vid cable into the laptop and TV. You can now drag things onto the TV screen from the laptop screen. Also be sure to set your tv to the correct input. ; )How do I set my laptop to display on my TV?
It may be the other stuff connected to your TV. On mine I have to do it through the VCR input.

If that doesn't work call the HP 800 #, they'll talk you through it. It's not a technical 'problem' per say, just a how-to issue.

Good luck!
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