Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How do I change monitors?

I own a HP pavilion which are known for their plagued faulty displays.

Recently my display has developed the same problem, and a dark patch is slowly growing and dominating my display.

I've attached a VGA connector to my monitor and it indicates on my graphics card that multiple displays are in use.

Since I use my laptop for Hi-end gaming and entertainment I'm concerned that my graphics card will have to work harder, and with a loss in performance.

Therefore, when my Laptop display becomes unusable, what I would like to do is change the display settings so that my external display becomes the primary display rather than the secondary display.

Is their anyway to do is? And if so, how?How do I change monitors?
usually with an HP you just need to connect the monitor to the output on the laptop and press the Fn + F4 till it comes up on the secondary display -dazHow do I change monitors?
sledgehammer yo!

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