Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to fix display problems in windows XP?

Please pay attention to these premises:

- Someone else's computer monitor display got messed up so no image registers on the screen when the computer reboots.

- The computer CAN boot safely in safe mode, and the computer monitor shows safe mode properly. Yet, if you modify the display settings there, they don't translate to non-safe mode - so the problem remains.

- The computer is a laptop whose original screen doesn't work, so another monitor was set-up to use with this laptop. This second, standalone monitor is the one that now is not showing an image.

- I don't know what settings this person changed in display (again, I was not the person involved), but I believe it was the Display choice of monitor - that's why when the computer reboots, it sends its image to the laptop display (which is broken), and that's why we have the problem.

Essentially, then, I need to change the display settings in this computer - but cannot do it from safe-mode. Some ideas I have are:

- Save all relevant documents and reinstall XP.

- System Restore: I tried it, but it didn't work. The computer shows the same problem, even after trying different restore points.

- Create another user profile and work from that one.

- It's not the cables or the monitor itself (again, the monitor works with safe-mode).

Any lunchtime answers are appreciated, as long as they are thorough and from professionals. Thanks much.How to fix display problems in windows XP?
Delete the driver in safe mode and reboot. It should set everything back to factor settings.

If that doesn't work, there could be a virus. Run a virus checker in safe mode. Some viruses don't work in safe mode, which is why the monitor works in safe mode and not otherwise. How to fix display problems in windows XP?
--- This might be due do failure in display driver

---- or the video card would have been damaged

---= or there may be some spywares or malwares or viruses that may be

causing this problem

-----check for the connection in the motherboard too.

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