Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to shrink my screen ): pleaseee help?

i've recently downloaded a game called frets on fire, and tried playing it. well first of all... i cant play it (well thats not really the point XD) secondly.. cause while trying to play it, it kinda froze so i clicked on CTRL+ALT+DELETE and tried to close it... but then my screen was about twice as big as its suppose to be. and i tried to run the game again and close it correctly, restart my computer, and change display settings. but it doesnt work... so please help if you know a way to get my screen back to its original sizeHow to shrink my screen ): pleaseee help?
this is a resolution setting which the game probalbly reset for it's own purposes and when closed properly sets abck to normal. depending on which os your'e using, you need to find the res setting and reset it. in xp, right click anywhere on a blank area of the desktop, select properties, then resolution. then lside the setting to change and select apply to see if that is the correct setting.How to shrink my screen ): pleaseee help?
I dont know about win xp but In vista you right click on the desktop go to pesonalize the destop resolution I think (it's the bottom one) the put the bar to to the highest i think this also applies to 7.

Hope this helps :)

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