Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Someone help me with Windows 7's display theme and task bar!?

i just got my laptop upgraded to Windows 7 professional awhile ago

today i forgot what but i ran a program and suddenly the display theme changed to Windows 7 basic automatically.

which made things very weird. i really dont like it and found it inconvenient.

please help me out.

1. task bar

the task bar used to be black/grey ish. i didnt change it when i first got it it was just like that and i liked it. but now its like light blue. and it used to be kind of clear that u could see through the task bar even see your wall paper through the task bar. but now its just blue. how do i change it back?

2. when i first got windows 7. one thing i liked a lot is when u put ur mouse on one of ur program's icon dont click it, a little print screen shot of that program will show up. i dont know how to explain it but yeah hope you can understand. but yea after it changed now i put my mouse on it its just the title of that window/program, no image. i really liked that feature.

how can i have these features or settings back? i didnt change any display settings after i got it upgraded. it should be default settings but i dont know what to do. plz how me out here

THANKSS!!Someone help me with Windows 7's display theme and task bar!?
If you do indeed have Professional, and not Starter, then the Personalize control panel should have Aero themes and Basic/High Contrast Themes.

Click on the desktop and pick ';Personalize';. Switch to an Aero theme, and many of the settings should return.

If for some reason the Aero themes aren't there, you might have to reinstall Windows, as there isn't an easy way to restore them.Someone help me with Windows 7's display theme and task bar!?
1. Right click on a empty space on the desktop and click on Personalize

2. To Change the Theme - A) Click on one of the available themes.

3. To Create a Custom Theme -

NOTE: Any changes that you make to a theme that you have already saved will automatically be updated and saved to it. There will be no need to save it as a new theme again in step 4 below unless you want a new theme.

A) Change the Desktop Background picture and settings.

B) Change the Window Color and Appearance settings.

C) Change the Sounds for the Windows 7 sound events to any sound file that you would like instead.

D) Change the Screen Saver and settings to be used for this theme pack.

E) Change, add, or remove any Desktop Icons that you want to with.

F) Change the Mouse Pointers to use pointers of your choice.

G) Proceed to OPTION TWO below to save your customized theme as a theme pack.

4. To Save the Current Theme to File -

NOTE: This will be your custom theme with a picture (desktop background), colors, sounds, and screen saver that you have selected and put together for the theme.

A) Under My Themes, click on the Save theme link towards the right.

5. To Delete a Selected Theme -

NOTE: You cannot delete the current theme. If you want to delete the current theme, then you must select another theme in step 2 first.

A) Under My Themes, right click on the saved theme you want to delete and click on Delete theme.

B) Click on Yes to confirm the deletion
hey! friend as u dictated ur favorite appearance of win 7 ...i too like that ..and i can surely help u out with that .use the config.below===

read the 4th point first then the rests

1.click on start,type there';change windows glass colors'; and click on that.

2.uncheck the check box for enable transparency ..this will make ur windows and taskbar opaque ie.

things like wallpapers could not be seen beside them as those were before...now u have ur 1st pro.


3. ...u will see 16 thumbnails of colors in the same window u have disabled transparency ..out of

them click on the chocolate color...then click on the down arrow representing for color

mixer...under that...put the color intensity to max. and the rest three to min......this will bring back

ur favorite grey/black taskbar...click on save changes and exit.

4.now for ur 3rd prob. what u don't actually know ..it is called windows aero effect my friend ..on

moving cursor on the taskbar the multitasked icons show up their screen shots..which is quite

beautiful..let's resolve it out now...just right click on ur desktop and select personlization ...there

will be themes listed under aero themes pick out any of them and u r ready to use aero ...use this

before performing upper three points as it undoes them all...now read upper three points...

And friend this is not enough for win 7 there are ultimately many things to make ur 7 personlized and look great....i can share many tricks with u..just post other que . or be my friend on orkut my email there is 9.anand.5@gmail.com ..if u request me to be ur friend there....use i'm from yahoo answers as ur intro. to make me understand who u r !...we can share our ideas there...or u can contact me via email without being friends..i will surely reply u my friend..gd bye!!!


these settings use more power so u will have ur lapi discharged 25% faster.....and these settings r not recommended for laptops for business purposes..... if u wanna use ur lapi for long and will face prob. if it's discharged fully i recommend u to use win default themes and settings as they consume less battery power...
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