Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My monitor display has shifted to the right?

I was on my computer earlier today and I opened up my internet browser. Everything worked fine until the internet began to lag as usual.

I turned off my computer using the big box thing (sorry don't know what's it called). The thing with all the plugs i it. Kind of like an extension cord, but it's big fat and square. Anyways I took off the computer by pressing the switch on that thing.

When I booted up my computer again I realized that everything SHIFTED TO THE RIGHT. I can't see the icons in the task bar. That includes MSN and my internet connection status.

When I go on the internet I can't read the text properly because half the document has shifted.

I have to change my display settings to 1280x768 pixels. It works OK I guess but everything is kind of blurry. I can still read but it feels weird though.

But the problem I'm the kind of guy that likes everything how I originally had it. I need to get it back to 1440x900 without i shifting to the right.

Did I by chance mess up my monitor. Could I have possibly crapped up my hardrive.

Please help me out. I just got my computer back from repairs 2 months ago an it's fing up on me.My monitor display has shifted to the right?
Your monitor will have an auto-adjust button. Change the resolution back to 1440x900 and press the auto button on the monitor.
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