Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to enable S-Video on Toshiba A75 series laptop?

I have a Toshiba A75-S213 laptop with an ATI mobility radeon 9000 integrated graphics card. I downloaded and installed new drivers for it and connected the s-video to composite cable correctly from my laptop to the TV. When I change display settings with [fn] - [F5], the TV flickers then remains black. I also tried to turn s-video on under the ';display'; tab under the advanced display properties with no success. I successfully tested the cord with my DVD player, so it seems like a software or driver problem. Any ideas?How to enable S-Video on Toshiba A75 series laptop?
Check the installed software that accompanies the ATi graphics card. Mine has it's own seperate software to use to 'switch' from single to dual monitors, which overrides the ones in my regular display settings. good luck to ya! :)

Also: Check that your TV is set for the S-video channel.

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