Monday, November 22, 2010

How can i free up Windows Vista disk space?

Ive tried everything! System restore deleting things changing display settings and uninstalling programs! Anyone know how to free up a good bit of space?How can i free up Windows Vista disk space?
The only way to free up space is to delete things. Disk Cleanup might help you get rid of some old temporary files.

Click the start button and in the search bar type Disk Cleanup

Once you see it pop up in the list, run it

Select the drive you want to clean (probably C:) and click ok

It should scan for a bit and then pop up with some check boxes, select all of them that you don't think you'll need. The only one you should worry about is Downloaded Program Files.

After you click OK on the window with the check boxes, you should get a confirmation dialog that asks if you want to delete files. Say yes (or delete files)

If you have system restore enabled, you can do something else to free up some space:

Follow the steps above until you get to the window with the check boxes. Once you do click the tab that says ';More Options'; and then click the ';Clean Up...'; button under System Restore and Shadow Copies.

Please note that if you run the system restore and shadow copies clean up, it will delete all but the most recent system restore point.

Edit: in case you don't follow something, heres a link to a guide that shows you how to do the same thing can i free up Windows Vista disk space?
The best way to save space is to do this

My Computer%26gt;(Right Click On Drive You Want To Free Space On)%26gt;Properties%26gt;Compress Drive To Free Space.

The bigger the hardrive, te more space you save.

Hope this helped. =]
why the eff would you try to change the display settings to free up space? i think you have problems worse than windows disk space..

Start-%26gt;all programs-%26gt;accessories-%26gt;system tools-%26gt;disk cleanup

Open Control Panel%26gt;Add/Remove Programs and delete anything you don't need, then use CCleaner or another similar program.
control panel go to add unistall programs it should open then start deleting
Have you tried CCleaner to get rid of some of the rubbish.


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