Monday, November 22, 2010

How to change command prompt settings?

I am running some c++ that involves some serious number crunching. In the longer problems, the command line does not have enough room to show all of the answer, and will erase the beginning of the answer before the end is shown. Is there a way to change the command prompt to allow an unlimited amount of text to be displayed, without any of it being erasedHow to change command prompt settings?
goto the command prompt file right click it and goto properties..then click on the layout tab on the window that appears. then change the buffer size of the width and the height to 9999 that should allow more data stil a fixed amount yet still can fit alot more them normalHow to change command prompt settings?
There's a finite screen size. Your best bet, if you're generating that much output, would be to send it to a text file, instead of to the console.
You don't say what operating system you're using, but some shell programs (command line interpreters) permit wrapping from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. Investigate that as an option.

Other than, that, the only two other options for handling overflow characters are to overwrite the last character on the line, which is at least visible to the user, or to leave the last character as it is and throw the overflow characters away altogether.

There is no fourth option.


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