Monday, November 22, 2010

How do you change the display panel driver resolution ?

I got a new computer for Xmas and apparently the tower is much better than the monitor. About every 6-8 weeks it stops working: the screen says ';no signal'; when I turn it on and only works in safe mode.

Ivegotten it fixed twice already and it's appened again. According to the repair men, the resolution should be 1440x900 but when windows updates every few months it changes some settings (on the driver?) and that's why it keeps happening. They fixed it last time and said it won't happen again- but it has! I can't afford to get it fixed again so, please help me, how do I change the display panel driver settings to allow for resolution 1440x900 ';as per manufacturers instructions';?

Also, in safe mode I've opened display settigs and changed the res to every option and that doesn't help.

Please help!!!

Thankyou for readingHow do you change the display panel driver resolution ?
If u have already tried going to properties and changing the resolution from there then

Right click your back ground and see if you see anything like ';ati control center'; or ';Nvidia control center'; and change the setting within that.

it would also help me if you told me what graphic card you have in your computer, or exactly which computer you have.

hope this helps =\
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