Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why are my XP desktop settings changing on their own?

My XP desktop settings change on their own. I'll turn the machine on %26amp; my display changes from 1152 X 864 (I like this setting) to a larger setting. When I look at Settings in Properties, instead of 5 selections, I only have 2, %26amp; 1152x864 is not among them. I do a System Restore to bring back what I want, but the next turnon changes the settings again. Any ideas on what's wrong %26amp; how to stop it from happening?Why are my XP desktop settings changing on their own?
1. While booting up, if your system asks to run scandisk (there will be seconds counter running in reverse asking you to pres any key to skip disk checking) DO NOT SKIP it - let it run.

2. See if you can set it now and restart and check

If it dosen't solved your problem,

Reinstall your VGA driver - you will have it in your Motherboard CD) and restart the machine - it should work.Why are my XP desktop settings changing on their own?
You might try getting the latest upgrade or driver for your video card.
Its not Xp its your videocard as it may be going out or its too small of a powersupply for the video card. Check both of them. My video card just died of late and it took 3 months to do it(Die) It did freaky things in its death throes.

Nr, Not all mobos have onboard video! None of my mobos have. Onboard video sucks anyway. Better to get a card.

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