Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Display settings - Windows XP?

I used to only have to press control alt delete to get task manager, now I have to do this which comes up with a Windows Security screen where I choose to Lock the computer, shut down, task manager, etc. Also the system startup and shut down has a different style from the usual Windows XP style blue box, instead its gray. How can I change these settings back to normal?Display settings - Windows XP?
Start %26gt; Control Panel %26gt; User Accounts %26gt; Change The Way Users Log On And Off %26gt; check ';Use the welcome screen'; and ';Enable fast user switching';.Display settings - Windows XP?
There really is no way, but it shouldn't affect you that much
Right click your desktop %26gt; Properties %26gt; Appearance %26gt; Blue or something [Havent used xp in awhile]
it sounds like you have windows vista.

but then again it could be xp. check system settings in control panel and see if u have vista or xp.

also to fix that just go to control panel, display settings, properties, and appearances, and change it to best appearance instead of best performance
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