Thursday, September 22, 2011

My new Acer AL2223W 22'; Widescreen monitor seems a bit grainy. Anyone know what settings I need to fix this?

I myself don't know too much about monitors so I thought this would be an appropriate question for those on Yahoo Answers. Anyway, I have it set to 1680x1050 atm, and it works great, and looks AWESOME for browsing the web, or looking at pictures, however, when I play movies they seem to be a bit grainy. Not sure if it's the movies themselves, the monitor, or my computer. I never experienced thgis problem with my old 15'; CRT monitor. Also, when I hooked my Xbox 360 up via HD VGA cable, it seems like lower quality than when I had it hooked up to my 15'; CRT. Not sure why, maybe it's that the screen is so big, but just seems really grainy. I went into the Xbox Dashboard in display settings and changed it to a resolution of something like 1360x768 after hooking it up. Any of the preset display's or custom don't seem to help too much. Anyone know how I can fix the graininess? Do I need lower resolution or something?

Thanks for the help!My new Acer AL2223W 22'; Widescreen monitor seems a bit grainy. Anyone know what settings I need to fix this?
It's most likely the setting you have your monitor set to. You don't indicate how your watching movies, so I'll just five a few suggestions.

1. DVD plays video at 720 x 480 so the picture is being modified to fit your screen.

2. HD such as your XBox outputs is 1280x1024. Again it has to be stretched to fit your odd 1680x1050 resolution.

Avoid running your movies full screen. The software should create a decent screen for you. Check options if it doesn't

CRT's use a tube to project a picture, and they have always been better at displaying different resolutions.

LCD have indivisual lites for each pixel on the screen. So they display everything nicely at their native resolution but don't look so good when running at non-native resolutions. I assume whatever software your using is changing the resolution away from the Dells native resolution which is giving you the graining picture your seeing. This is the same problem folks who by LCD TV's have when watching non-HD TV or movies.

So to fix:

1. Check the options in your movie software to not run full screen.

I didn't talk much on the XBOX, use the HDMI output. Get an HDMI -%26gt; DVI cable so you can hook directly to the monitor's DVI input. (Will have to disconnect your PC).

I did a quick check on customer comment on newegg for this monitor. It is only a 6-bit monitor using dithering. Several other people have commented on the grainy problems. Gamers seem to like it, but games usually run at higher resolutions that this monitor likes.

Good Luck, I don't know if you'll be able to get a better picture. Feel free to contact me if this triggers a couple other questions.

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