Thursday, September 22, 2011

How do I change the display on my monitor?

My system had a virus and I had it restored back to factory settings. I only took the tower thing where I was getting it fixed not the monitor. My monitor is 20'; but when I had it returned and plugged it in everything seems to be set to a 17'; monitor. Web pages don't fill the screen. I have tried altering the resolution but it makes everything massive and fuzzy, Hard to explain, changing the resolution just magnifies what I already have, it doesnt make the page fill the screen.

From my lingo, i am sure you can spot i havent a clue when i comes to the nitty gritty of computers, I know how to use the net etc, so any answers, please use the most simplest of computer language!

Many thanks

LisaHow do I change the display on my monitor?
reinstall video drivers

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