Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How do i change my video output for ps3?

i play my ps3 on high defenition so i went to display settings and video output and then i clicked on HDM and its been working fine but now i want to change it back so i can play it back on a regular t.v that is not HDM i try going back to display settings and changing it back the way it was but when i click change the t.v goes black and then after 20 sec i shut it off and try it on my regular t.v but it doesnt work helpppppppHow do i change my video output for ps3?
Set it up as if you were going to play it on standard def (plug the Yellow/White/Red cables in the TV) and select the proper input on the tv. Now press and HOLD the power button for about 5 seconds. Now the ps3 should display at SD def. You can now go back and change the settings to HDMI but you have to remember to switch your tv to HDMI as soon as you do so. Also I believe the PS3 has an auto detect if the HDMI cord is inserted

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