Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Picture on my new 22'; monitor has turned pink?

I have had my new 22'; moniitor for about a month now and i came home from work tonight and turned on my computer to find EVERYTHING has a pinkish purple tinge / glow to it. Anyone have any idea what could have caused this and how i could fix it? i know its not a problem with the actual monitor because when i bring up the monitor menu to change the display settings the colors are just fine (on the monitor menu). even the text that scrolls when i start the computer is pink. anyone have any idea how to fix this?Picture on my new 22'; monitor has turned pink?
There could be two things. The lamps, or the main board on your monitor. If you want a more accurate and educated guess, I would have to see what it does or a picture of it at least. But there is a strong chance it could be the lamps. If it turns dark after a short while of being pink, the lamps are defective and it's called sunset effect. The coolest stuff ever. If it doesn't go dark, then there is a 50/50 chance. The technician you take it to, if he knows what he's doing he will test every and each part independently before replacement. Although he could probably know the defect by looking at it, like I probably would if I had it in front of me.Picture on my new 22'; monitor has turned pink?
Try checking the connection of your monitor from the CPU maybe its not properly connected.
This is due to the monitor cable, either its loose or faulty. You may also want to check if you have a seperate graphics card that this is seated correctly in its slot.

If you have one try another cable with the monitor.

If all this fails go to the manufacturers website and seek help through support.

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