Thursday, September 22, 2011

Entire laptop display as shrunk?

The Text hasn't gone smaller or anything like that, but its like the whole display has been cut down by about ten inches. There's a small screen in the middle, and everything around it is just black. I use vista. Here's how it started, I was playing a game on my computer, it sort of glitched out. I just slammed a load of keys down and then...... well, like i said... it shrunk. I tried going on display settings and changing the resolution, but i cant confirm the settings. There's not enough space on the display for me to click 'ok'. I tried moving the window towards the top and, still not enough room. So even when changing the resolution, i can save it... please help/Entire laptop display as shrunk?
make the change from within the safe modeEntire laptop display as shrunk?
has shrunk
The game you were playing was playing under ower resolution. that is why that happened. Try restarting your laptop. your display will go back to normal after that. ( it happened to me before)
Its your resolution. You have it set to where it displays as large as the resolution actually is....

Just change your resolution to the highest you got....

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