Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How do i Change my 360 profile settings?

When i first decided to set up a Y!A account, i didn't really expect to stay joined for long so i just put in any name and age, and made up where i live and stuff

But now, since i plan to keep my account, i want to set up a proper 360 profile- how do i change these settings so the correct details are displayed?

ThanksHow do i Change my 360 profile settings?
- Sign into your 360 space. Click the ';Yahoo 360 Home'; link on the upper right of the 360 main page (http://360.yahoo.com ) to enter it.

- Click the ';Settings'; link in the upper right of your space

- There are 4 settings pages. The first that you see is the Basic Info Settings page. Go through each section changing what you like and make sure to adjust the permissions on the right of each section. See http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/360/per鈥?/a> for more about permissions.

- Click the ';Save and Continue'; button at the bottom to get to the next set of ';settings'; pages.

NOTE: The page will not save if you have not filled out sections marked with a red asterisk properly. You have to put something in the first %26amp; last name fields. You may only be able to put the birth date or age in the ';Age'; section, not both.

The information shown automatically is what you provided to Yahoo upon setting up your Yahoo account.

Make sure to check how other people view your page by clicking on the drop down menu ';Preview as seen by'; at the top right of your 360 ';My Page';. Choose a permission group and click the ';Go'; button.

For more information on setting up your 360 space consult the following resources:

- IMPORTANT!: Thoroughly read the 360 COMMUNITY GUIDELINES at http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/360/gui鈥?/a>

- HELP Pages: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/360/

- For MORE TIPS see some of my previous answers on various Y!360 %26amp; Y/A subjects by clicking on my avatar and scrolling down to click on my ';Starred Questions'; tab. Also, my 360 space blog (http://blog.360.yahoo.com/kee_y360 ) has tips in the tag cloud - ';360tips'; ';music'; '; ';vids'; and on the right under highlighted posts.

- For IDEAS you can check out other 360 pages by clicking on your ';Search'; link at the top of 360 or by going to http://360.yahoo.com/search.html

- The 360 team blog at http://blog.360.yahoo.com/product_360 has many helpful links on the right side to help with setting up a 360 space and using other services with it.

NOTE: Some features are not available to users under age 18 for safety reasons.

UPDATE: When you're ready, you can display a link to your 360 in your Y/A profile, by clicking ';My Profile'; to the upper right of this Yahoo! Answers page, then clicking ';Edit My Info'; in the top left box on the Answers profile page. Scroll down to the Privacy section and check the option of showing the link to your 360 page. Click Preview button and then the Ok button.

If it doesn't work (it has been a buggy feature) or the option is missing, put a full link in your ';About Me'; section.

- Click ';My Page';

- Click the drop down menu ';Preview as seen by'; at the top right of your 360 ';My Page';.

- Choose PUBLIC as the permission group and click the ';Go'; button

- Click the ';Top Page'; link above your personal profile picture section on the left side.

- Select %26amp; copy the FULL web address that appears in your web browser's address bar (starting from the http:// part)

- Paste the address in your Y/A profile's ';About Me'; section with a space following it. If you have a Simple URL setup, use that instead. Make sure A SPACE follows the address.

The feature to display a 360 link is usually blocked to users who are under age 18. But it is also just a glitch for others.How do i Change my 360 profile settings?
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Hi there,

I recently became of fan of yours....looks like you changed your name easy enough...lol ;)

go to your My Profile click it.....go to 360- click on it....go to Settings (top right) click it....this should take you atraight to your 360 profile settings....you can change basic info there...any trouble and you can always click on Help up in top right of screen......The Help option really helped me out when I was playing around with mine....lol

good luck
You will have to go to the link up at the top of this page under your id name.. that says My Account.. and edit it from the basic information and save it there.
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