Thursday, September 22, 2011

What does 32bpp colors, mean?

I started playing this video game on my computer and it got this error that said it could not change my display settings, including ';color: 32bpp';. I don't know what that means. When I go to change my display settings, I have the options for 16 colors, 256 colors, high color 16 bit, true color 24 bit. I saw no 32bpp. How do I change my color so the game will work?What does 32bpp colors, mean?
32bpp means 32 bits per pixel. Your current video card only goes to 24 bit, you will need to purchase another video card, or see if you can increase the memory on your current card. But, since cards are relatively low cost, I would opt for a new card with at least 128meg RAM.What does 32bpp colors, mean?
32 bits per pixel. This will depend on the type of video card you have, the drivers that are installed (for both the card and monitor) and the resolution of your desktop.

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