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How to change PS3 from SD to HD?

I just purchased a used PS3 and have just plugged in my PS3. I am using AV Component Cords to get HD. Do I need to change my definition settings in Display Settings to get the best HD possible for me tv or will it automatically go to HD after I have to cords plugged in. Also, I did try doing that, however, after I did the tv went to lines and black and was changing and the game started to play b/c I could hear it but couldn't see it. Is that suppose to happen after I try to change the settings?

-jbujwit10How to change PS3 from SD to HD?
If you want HD you have to use an HDMI cable. You cannot get HD from AV cables, no matter what settings you use. If you but an HDMI cable, hook it up (unhook the AV cables first) and when you turn the PS3 on it will automatically detect the new settings you just have to accept themHow to change PS3 from SD to HD?
The easiest way to determine the highest supported resolutions for your TV is to perform a video reset. With the PS3 turned off, and the TV input set to the correct video source, turn the PS3 on, but keep the button held down until it beeps a second time (about 5 seconds). The PS3 will walk you through the automatic video settings test.

Some TVs do have trouble with the automatic video setting mode. In that case, the PS3 will just reset the video to 480i and skip the test. So you would then need to set the supported resolutions manually:

If you set these values manually, you need to know which settings are actually supported by your TV (it's in the TV manual). The PS3 usually runs a test with the highest resolution you check off, so if it isn't supported it will switch back to the previous mode after 30 seconds so that you can uncheck the unsupported mode.

Now, about component AV cables and the PS3. Yes, component cables can support some modes of HD. The HD signal is analog instead of digital, but for short cables runs (under 6 feet), you won't see much difference between digital (HDMI) and analog (component) HD signals.

The highest supported resolutions will depend on the TV, some TVs support more HD modes over component cables than others. Here is a list of the maximum resolutions that component cables will allow (again, it depends on the HDTV):

PS3 gaming: 1080p

Blu-ray movie viewing: 1080i

DVD viewing: 480p (devices connected with component cables will not upscale DVDs, but the TV can upscale the native 480p material found on DVDs just as well).

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