Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How do I add a MSN Messenger profile picture?

Now since MSN Messenger is merges with all the Windows Live accounts, how do you change your profile display picture for MSN? I already have a profile picture for my Windows Live account, but I'm not sure how to do so with MSN. Also, please tell me how you can edit settings such as changing your display name, text, font, colour, etc.

Thanks!How do I add a MSN Messenger profile picture?

★to change your display pic

?open MSN

? tools

? change your display picture

? 'search'

? go to the folder you have the stored the picture in

? open

? apply/ok

★to change your display name

?open MSN

? tools

? options

? write what you want on the blank space

? apply/ok

★if you want to create a nice coloured nickname and personal message

? use the PLUS

?PLUS live 4.82.368

?don't support the sponsor?

?once installed PLUS

? open MSN

? tools

? options

? write the nick

? then click the button that says 'format codes'

? chose the color you want


? if you want to colorize the nick background

? click at 'color codes'

? then select T

?select the color you want

? apply/ok

★get graphics for your nick here [???]………………

★for cool fonts for your nick use a weirdmaker [??υ? ?α?ε]

?just use ctrl+c keys to copy and ctrl+v keys to paste……………

★for a nice ASCII name (ˉ`?._) your name(ˉ`?._)……………………………

★nick backwards and upsidedown [???u ?no?]…………

★for rare symbols , stars,hearts [??? ? ? ? ?]

?select the one you like and then use just use ctrl+c keys to copy and ctrl+v keys to paste………

★your name in arab [????]……

★your name in chinese [阿方索]…

★your name in japanese [アイシャ]……

???????? ? ??ρε ? ?εlρε?????????

::: (\(\

*: (=' :') :*

?.. (,('')('')¤°

????????.???ε ? η?¢ε ??у????????How do I add a MSN Messenger profile picture?
Push on where it shows your name.

Or on your picture.

Push change display picture if you clicked on your name.

Push Browse.

Find it.

Add it.

Ta da(:


Can't change name font.

But color.

Push on your name.

Click change display name.

The first thing is where you change the name.

To change color.

Push format codes.

Pick a color

then it would show something like





Put it inbetween the';][';


If you want it like a gradent.

Basially just do te saem thing

but when you push format codes

Push the ';T';

Then push gradient text.

Then pick two colors.

Anything else.

jsut ask(:
Well, to change the color of your name, you need msn plus.

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